If you want normal dog portraits, there are plenty of photographers out there. We fancied doing something a little bit different.

A few years ago, Bailey, our rescue Labradoodle, got diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. The treatment for which was very successful. But came with a side effect - it caused growths in his mouth.

We needed the vet to see them, but knew Bailey wasn't going to be all that forthcoming with letting her look...

So, what else do you do when you've got a photography studio already, but take a photo of the inside of your dog's mouth?

The best way to achieve that, was to throw him a treat.

In the process, we had fun creating images of expressions we only ever get to see in passing. Which got us thinking about the range of expressions our dogs have, that we get fleeting glimpses of, but never capture.

Why not capture them?

Those moments of sheer joy they have, and of absolute focus.
When they're catching a treat, a ball or playing with their favourite toy.
When they're gazing adoringly at you, because you are also their best friend.

Our dogs have such individual personalities, unique expressions and such utter abandonment - and that's what we look to show.

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